The story of how I learned:

I am currently enrolled in ENGL 4790: Teaching Writing in the Secondary Schools. Dr. Allen Webb (the professor of this course) has asked us to write an auto-ethnography literacy narrative about how we learned to write. Sounds easy enough, right? Writing...writing...writing...oh how I hate to write. This is one part of college that takes up a great deal of my time.

There is a lot of writing in college across the curriculum. Many different genres from the standard essay, to term papers, reflecting on reading, journaling and much more. It is not just that I find writing to be a difficult task, reflecting on my past has taken me through an emotional roller-coaster ride. Then there is the added frustration that this writing needs to be done in a new technology format--a web page, or blog so to speak. Wow, I am illiterate when it comes to using this sort of media. I just recently decided that having a Facebook page may be beneficial, only to communicate with may daughters. I don't use this platform to write my thoughts or to communicate with them. My daughter, Josalyn, created this page so that I could view--share what was happening in her and her sisters lives.This is a place that makes it easy for them to send me photos. Although this is not a way to contact me.

I have only recently, upon returning to college, had to accept that new ways of communicating are here to stay and that I need to embrace them. We are required to incorporate various other online tools in this memoir also.

Located here is a Prezi that I created as an overview of my learning to write.

Below is a "Wordle" that I created. Kind of cheesy, but hey, it's my first one.